Bonhams/Turner Classic movies Entertainment auction November 2013

Things started off very slow with quite a few items not meeting reserve including the Laurel and Hardy Bowler hats. The vintage stuff just didn’t seem to bring the interest….unless it was attached to a real star name. In the case of the hats I can only guess it was overvalued or the provenance wasn’t good.

Shirley temples jacket went for $21,250 including premium. from the movie Poor little rich girl generating alot of interest.

A pair of western costume replica ruby slippers sold for an astonishing $35,000.

The Annie clapperboard (Lot 72) sold for a surprising $2000, compared to the $500 expected, showing the revised interest these past few years in production used items from behind the scenes.

Lot 88 the costume worn by Bette Davis in “The Private lives of Elisabeth and Essex” failed to sell despite “lots of interest”.

Vivien Leigh’s nighty from “Gone with the wind” sells for $45,000 to bidder 4029.

The car from “Casablanca” sells for $461,000 including premium.

Robert Shaw’s costume from the Sting, a truly beautiful piece goes for $3800.

The new auctioneer definitely has a bit more energy than the younger chap.

Two beautiful costumes from Shakespeare in Love are wedged in the auction here. Kind of expected them later on. The lots 130-131 expect to bring in $5,000…exactly what they went for years ago in the Premiereprops sale. Alot of interest by internet, phone and room bids on the dresses. Lucy is name dropped, one of the entertainment departments officials. Sold for $7500 to bidder 5600.$8500 for the second to the same bidder in the room with a paddle.

A hat from “Funny face” worn by Audrey Hepburn sells for 3-4 times its estimate at $87,500 with buyers premium.

It blows my bidder that 5600 keeps scooping up stuff. Remember the golden rule. It only needs two bidders to make an auction.

Charlton Hestons cloak from Ben Hur takes 4 minutes to sell..but still goes to bidder 5600. This seems like a very one note auction bidder wise…..shakes head.

Slowly but surely moving towards modern times. Auction has been running 3 hours and we are at lot 209. If it was Premiereprops it would be lot 60….sigh. Bonhams reports that no online bidding for the “Maltese Falcon” will be alowed. Telephone, bid on the books or in the room only!

Lot 213…beautiful production art from “Blazing Saddles” busts its reserve of $200 and rockets to 4 times that.

Kevin Costners saddle for $3500 to…you guessed it. 5600.

Beautiful shirt from “Easy Rider” at $11,000…and sells to bidder 4984.

Susan Sarandon “Thelma and Louise” hat at $2800 and is passed.

The Falcon is coming up……Sells for $3,500,000

Nautilus helmet from “20,000 Leagues” sells for 65k.

Mia farrow nightgown from “Rosemarys” baby fails to sell.

Devils tower from “Close Encounters” fails to sell.

“Dune” costume worn by Paul Atredies sells for $3,000.

The more modern stuff isnt doing the business I thought. Both Batman and the joker fail to sell. The riddlers cane for $9375 with BP,a Gotham taxi plate for $1500, Robins suit from “Batman” tanks as does “Forrest Gump”.  Only the Indy whip makes a splash at $10,000 including Buyers premium.

Well my wrap up is pretty much simple. It seems the auction was geared very much to sell the “Maltese Falcon”. The other items were part of the train but most failed to garner the attention the dingus did. This really made the modern pieces suffer and quite a few of the non star pieces. Artwork surprisingly held well.

Well thats about it. Hope you enjoyed this quick check in with the event.


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