“Ted” hero prop water pipe prop

Whilst my views on drugs aren’t really the point of a blog like this personally Im not interested in them, unless its a nice Advil.

Having said that a movie prop….that’s kind of my thing so when a chance to own this very iconic piece of memorabilia from the movie “Ted” came up….well….how could I resist.

In fact I wasn’t the only one to say YES as the original VIP movie auction where the sister of this piece sold for around $1,000 was well known about in July/August of 2012 when the movie played in theatres….and then popping up again in March 2013 of this year only to sell in a Premiereprops auction for $3500. Here is that description:

A lot a parents were rather surprised when they took their kids to see “Ted”, a movie about a man and his talking teddy bear, thinking Disney, and instead finding themselves in the middle of a Cheech and Chung flashback! Especially when the movie starts with the huggable Ted (the stuffed bear), getting righteously high on some good chronic using a water-bong and talking opening about the sexuality of the female race! However, if the audience didn’t immediately run for the aisle, they discovered that this Seth MacFarlane directed and co-written fable starring Mark Wahlberg (with Seth himself doing the voice of Ted), is filled with warmth and humor and a wonderful message for all ages, not to mention creating a “Christmas miracle” at the end! This is the actual screen used “paraphernalia” used by Ted in that iconic opening sequence. It includes his bong, his lighter, and the remains of his chronic in the actual baggie with a few “papers”! The glass bong is approximately 11″ high. The bowl has been chipped down a bit from repeated flame hits. To create a grand display, the three screen used prices also come with an official exact reproduction of the Ted doll (approx. 25″x11″). When you squeeze both paws at the same time it talks! In fact, it first recites the infamous lines for the opening bong sequence on the couch, and then goes on to other “classic” lines. Warning: these are extremely “X-Rated” rants, so be careful who exactly is “playing” with Ted! It also comes with a custom “TED” display sign and two Plexiglas framed screen shots on their own stand (approx. 10″x6″). . Just think of the possibilities! Comes with a COA.


Its interesting to note, with hindsight this one was actually missing a number of pieces to complete it. Until I received this second one from MRC which much more closely represented the screenused one to me, especially with the added parts.

ImageShots like the above also used a CGI prop and CGI bear. This one although it looks extremely close then couldn’t be used for screen matching, a problem for the PP auction which used these shots extensively.

My version can more than likely be seen in the following screen cap being held by Mark Wahlberg

ImageThe final image shows the water pipe in my possession with a COA from MRC and various other small prop pieces that came with it.





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