Return to Smallville….a week after seeing the movie

Return to Smallville, KS…..two years later.

So it was always my plan the week before the film debuted to return to the exterior sets and revisit them along with photos, in a kind of before and after manner. I also uploaded video footage to you tube to document the area.
The first location I revisited was the Kent farm. When I had originally been there back in July/August 2011 the area had been prepped for filming so I was taken aback how, without being mowed that the farm looked very different.

When I last saw it the house was being pulled apart and burnt piece by piece.

IMG_2921 - Copy

This video below shows the current status.

and here is a further exploration of the barns and the area where the house stood.

Here are some shots of the various locations in the film.


The camera in the next shot was probably set up right on the concrete…just out of frame.


Looking to the east from the road that Clark walks up which is where the camera took this from….the trees are clearly shown in this shot with CGI spaceship.


The barn interior. Zak Snyder says the barn top floor was used as the bottom, and the area representing the “hidden” basement is the lower floor of the barn.


Next location. The Kent gravesite.

Here is an original location picture with the two fake header stones for Kevin Costner and his unseen father.


Here is the location visit.

Finally we have the area known as “The crash site” mainly because that’s what I assumed it was. Now with hind site we know that it is A crash site, aka the one where Lois’s escape pod lands and Superman saves her. Not quite what I thought but just as cool. Here are some super shots of the area, the first from the film.


The second of the day after it was shot in 2011.


Closer up. The cornstalks were covering the interior.


The interior, the stones representing the intense heat of the craft landing.


The next day…demolished!


Final video.

Hallowed ground. Not exactly but I do think its important that these areas are documented and remembered. Illinois hasnt had the greatest of luck with big movies, Transformers and the Blues brothers not counted, but along with Plano these areas will hopefully be revisted for the sequel, which, lets face it is a foregone conclusion.


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