July 2013 auction preview


So another Summer is dawning on us and with that a auction event. Lets check in with the wares and see what they have.
With 463 items available as of today, a huge amount, around half of them are “Star Trek” orientated. Why?

Well it came to my attention the lovely lady who is selling her collection, mostly purchased from the Its a Wrap auctions of 2007/2008 wants a condo with a year round pool, and who are we to deny her this!

There are so many cool costumes to choose from including TNG, Enterprise, and DS9 Federation uniforms, and loads of neat hand props. My favorite is the DS9 style commando uniform, and Picards smashed phaser rifle from “Nemesis”.

So as of today the top grossing item is the Captain America shield with a bid of $10,000. That may seem expensive but its quite reasonable if you remember how much they sold for at the Profiles official sale a few years ago.

The most number of hits is the black Pitbull hoverboard which tops the list, closely followed by the Oh-La-La magazine….in fact the top four items are all from “Back to the Future” proving the longevity of that franchise in the propworld.

Other cool items include a complete Cat in the Hat costume from the movie with hat, a number of hand props from “The Flintstones”, the best being a Slate and Co mug, and a rather charming Alligator washing line pin! Bill the Butchers almost complete costume from “Gangs of New York” is also a really nice piece of wardrobe…gets my thumbs up!
A large collection of costumes from the Jackass movie series represents costumes from most of the characters including Wee man and Johnny Knoxville. There are some really iconic pieces here, its funny just how many I remembered from the film including the old man costume that Knoxville wears, Ryan Dunn’s golfing sweater! Those images are indelibly burnt on my cornea!

The “Nightmare on Elm Street” remake glove is a cool piece starting at $6500. One of the really good things about Screenused is they start at the opening price and sell at that if you bid. No worrying about having to meet reserve. Its a small but important thing in a world where the reserve has become a hidden weapon against the buyer.There are some wonderful items from the “Terminator 2” movie that I recommend. The T-1000 special fx shirt is in very nice condition, and will surely be a jewel in your  collection. I thought the full child puppet was very nice too.

Take a look yourself at “” and the auction goes down on on July 6, 2013 at 10am PDT.  See you online and we will have the results the day after the event. Desi and Jeff are great collectors and I 100% recommend them as dealers too so if you have further questions or comments let them know. Good luck on your bidding!


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