5 reasons to go to C2E2 in 2013

1: Guests

This year include Laurie Holden and Chad Coleman from The Walking Dead on AMC. These two guests will be, like others, giving autograph opportunities and panel chats at the event.

Mira Furlan from lost and Babylon 5 and the wonderful Bruce Boxleitner from B5 and Tron will also be appearing.

Ron Perlman from Hellboy will be in attendance and Jason David Frank, tv’s the green power ranger!

Sam Huntington from Being human appears in less hairy form and Peter Davison from Dr Who will be drawing the crowds even without the TARDIS in attendance.

2: Hunger games display of costumes

From Blacksparrow auctions this partial collection of items to be sold later this year in New York will be available for photos and inspection. Also company boss Fong Sam will be in attendance who has alot of knowledge on collectibles and movie items.

3: Merchandise. 

T-shirts, autographs, toys, costumes, models, clothing and so much more under one roof for your delectation. Bring your credit card. You know you will see something and need it!

4: Fellow fans.

Chances to meet greet and play with fellow cos players and other like minded individuals. Plenty of people going to the dating room where you may find a future husband or wife. Chicagoans come together and forget the real world for 24hrs or more….at least until the end of the event.

5: Panels and screenings

Kevin Smith sold out seemingly overnight BUT plenty of other exclusive stuff including hit moves like Man of Steel and tv shows.

If your coming this year ill be at the event covering for the press the prop side of things! Come say hi.



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