Big changes coming to ThePropstop starting next week and moving forward…..

So I’ve been talking to a lot of people these last few months and Im proud to announce some big moves going forward and also the reasons behind them.

First up our logo change. Just like Doctor Who I feel the time is right for another change there…and why not. Moving forward though this logo will not only be on Facebook and this our main site but also all COA’s originating from myself and letterheads and eBay.

Next up eBay  I have deliberately tried to keep merchandising off the site for fear of….well…as it proves no reason. People still daily approach me about buying things on the site that I’ve never even owned. It just makes sense as a brand to bring all things together. Im genuinely proud of it and thus eBay auctions will be under “Prop stop” in some form or another. 

Number three is very exciting. The RPF has asked me to contribute articles about props and collecting on a monthly basis so right now I plan to contribute 1-2 articles exclusively a month that will then be pasted here after two weeks. This is too one increase readership but also to get the screen used section of the RPF a little more energized  This Im really excited about…bringing even more of an audience to our little corner of the net. We have over 500 articles on the site and some useful information that first time or long time collectors can read. 

Articles on C2E2, VIP auctions and Premiere props  All have promised me in some form or another exclusive interviews. SO…balls in your courts guys. Lets do it.

Podcast. Working on it folks. Also you tube footage of conventions, props and auctions. Yep….I heard you.

More of the same. We are a non profit site but yet we are cranking out material for you all. Why? Because I’m genuinely proud of all the readers, articles, pictures and comments I have received and I want to do more. Other sites have come and gone….we don’t intend to do that to you. 

So there you have it. Our blueprint for the future continues to grow and we are genuinely happy to invite new and old readers to visit with us. Thank you as always and spread the word.




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