Anatomy of a Klingon: One of the items in the Screenused March 2013 auction

Whilst viewing the auction I found this item again, originally from Christies 2006 which I just had to draw attention to. The following 3 pictures tell a true history of this beautiful item.

Pablo is Pablo Soriano here. He played a Klingon in Voyager’s Prophecy! Sadly no idea on De Mille. Doug Wilson was a background Klingon on Voyager. Ossmann is not mentioned and Gruz covered above.

So next we have a Paramount original Services label that I haven’t seen before. Then Michael Papajohn who played a Klingon in Enterprises “Judgement”….boy this costume has been split up and around! Theres something under that we can’t see too. Then an original 1980’s Paramount tag saying this is Klingon 12! gruz in the last pic has been covered. Regular trek stuntman Brian J Williams doubled Data MANY times but in DS9 he played Robert O’Reilly’s character Gowron! So this was also in part a GOWRON!!!!!

Bill Craker top left I have no information on, possibly an extra. Bill Blair in red top right is actually one of the more rubber soaked actors who has played a multitude of aliens in the show. See here. This is actually the full costume here in Deep Space Nine’s THE HOUSE OF QUARK episode. I believe this is the full one as auctioned.

Jerome Butler on top of that tag played General Korok in Voyager’s UNIMATRIX ZERO. This was a two part episode. The tunic pictured is different so just this part was used in the episode.

Ken Gruz played a Klingon in Voyager. I believe this is that tunic.

Scott Leva played a Klingon transporter officer in Star Trek 6. Again his name is featured.

Arent these pictures of the inside of this Klingon AMAZING! I’ve never seen such a tagged item in the Trek universe and there are tags upon tags…indeed one of the items above has 4 tags ontop of each other. The history there waiting to be peeled!!!! Lets take a look and see exactly who these people are and what they were in. (For ease I have posted that information under each photo.)

Here is the costume as it stands in the auction. The cloaks were made for Star Trek 3 and are beautiful!

So there you have it. Bit more researched than the SU version of the auction. A possible tunic worn by Gowron. Missing no longer folks!


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