PremiereProps Hollywood Auction Extravaganza IX auction results & review

Hello there folks. After a mammoth 17 hour viewing of about 90% of the Premiere Props auction I needed the Sunday off and I have to say feel much better and rested. I hope the same can be said of the PP staff members who were at the auction all day, especially Robert Flores the auctioneer whose throat must have needed medication for speaking the whole event!

So as I wrote last week about some of my favorite pieces lets see what sold for the most!

258Michael Jackson Swarovski Personally Owned Crystal Glove

  • One of the true crowning collectibles of all collectibles, this is an actual glove worn and owned by Michael Jackson. It is a signature white classic
  • SOLD $40,000
The Big Lebowski The Dude Jeff Bridges Hero Bathrobe And Undergarments62The Big Lebowski The Dude Jeff Bridges Hero Bathrobe And Undergarments

  • Truly one of the most iconic bathrobes in movie history! A collectable above all collectibles! This is the hero screen worn bathroom, (as well as t-s
  • SOLD $18,500
Start Price : 500.00 | Estimates : 3,000.00 – 4,600.00
Django Unchained Jamie Foxx Hero Black Powder Gun117Django Unchained Jamie Foxx Hero Black Powder Gun

  • Quentin Tarantino fulfilled a life-long dream to direct a western with his box office smash hit and critically acclaimed, if not highly controversial
  • SOLD $13,000
Start Price : 3,000.00 | Estimates : 20,000.00 – 30,000.00
The Godfather Accordion97The Godfather Accordion

A true iconic one-of-a-kind treasure from the one and only “The Godfather” (1972). This is the actual accordion played in the famous Fred…
SOLD $9,000
Start Price : 500.00 | Estimates : 20,000.00 – 30,000.00
Outland/ Aliens Spacesuit/Helmet/Oxygen Pack Costume83Outland/ Aliens Spacesuit/Helmet/Oxygen Pack Costume

Writer-director, Peter Hyams, described his acclaimed cult classic “Outland” (1981), as “High Noon in space”, with Sean Connery …
SOLD $8500
Start Price : 500.00 | Estimates : 10,000.00 – 12,000.00
Resident Evil: Extinction Alice Live Fire Pistols119Resident Evil: Extinction Alice Live Fire Pistols

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  • A truly rare and amazing collectable! These are the actual pair of matching live fire hero pistols used by Alice (Milla Jovovich) throughout “Resident
  • SOLD $7600
Start Price : 500.00 | Estimates : 7,000.00 – 12,000.00
SOLD $7,000
So there you have it. Certainly the Dude costume was pretty expensive but still cheaper than other items that have sold from the movie worn by Bridges.The interesting thing is that the items were originally sold after the movie for hundreds of dollars….not thousands and so perhaps are amongst the highest profit movie props ever sold at auction on the original price!
So what other items sold for an amount more than expected. Firstly the Ted drug lot with the replica bear ended up going for a huge $3500, even though it was clearly marked in the catalog as being replica Ted. I was very surprised considering the items sold for about 1/3 that on eBay from VIP auctions last year.
I guess it just tickled someones wallet the right way!
The two resident evil rubber gun lots went for $1800 a piece, a far cry from the craziness of a few years ago when they would have gone for double that when the movie came out.
The Castaway sweater went for a fair $1700 for this iconic piece of wardrobe.
The beautifully framed Johnny Depp dead mans chest ring sold for $1500.
My favorite item was the LAST STAND costume worn by Police officer Arnold S. in the movie that failed at the box office. It has a delightful Tony Nowak leather coat with it and I was sad to be outbid by a European bidder at 4:30 in the morning for it. It sold for $1400 an excellent price.
I also liked this hero lead actor costume from WARM BODIES that only sold for $1100. Another great price for something on the movie poster!
The Rooster Cogburn hat was another wonderful piece with too high a reserve which failed to sell. The wonderful pictures and hat block with it were a true bonus. Would have loved this at the right price!
Here is one of the pictures with the auction unseen before of Jeff being measured for this very hat! Just a stunning item!
So there you have it. Certainly a fun event marred only by the excessive length and some reserves that seemed excessive.
We will be covering this in our next topic later this week covering come of the concerns that customers have had, and following up with PP Owner Dan Levine and his plans to fix some of the difficulties that have affected the auctions whilst not having an impact on the eBay side of things which is running like a well oiled machine in comparison.
See you then!

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