“Judge Dredd” mid auction review Part 1

Well here we stand approximately 35% of the way thru the auction, and a scant TWO DAYS before the end of the listing period.

First up a big congratulations for PropStore for even GETTING the stuff. Having worked on securing stuff from two large movies this week I can tell you that its no small thing….in fact its a bloody headache and I have more sympathy for Premiereprops every week seeing that side of things that VIP and others do so well.

So…what is the score….where are the plays and how did the Superbowl effect this event. Er….who cares…this site is about props.

Lead on bold adventurer…..your quest awaits.

Kicking everybodies asses was the Dredd costume. Now….I know I have had a cynical eye for this and you know what…its not stopping.  $26,416 dollars for an unmarked Karl Urban suit that merely talks about being worn by a stunt rider and a vague number #4 is alot of money. Frankly its a flash in the pan compared to the Captain America that Profiles sold but even so I think we all need to remember when this shows up again and claims to be the Hero #1 costume. It isn’t. Not even close. BUT…lets face it anyone with $25k to spend on this probably doesn’t see the eye quite like us office workers so kudos to them.

The distinctly practical costume begins with a set of leathers (trousers labelled “W. Grier”), unnamed black leather gloves and heavy black leather biker boots, finishing with a set of memorable upper body armour loosely modelled on motorcycle armour

Now…after that lets go see what purported to be a great buy….except with no helmet (as seen above). At just over $5,011 with no helmet was this a good deal. Possibly. Certainly getting a helmet in the auction isnt going to happen unless you went for a severly damaged or prototype one. Thankfully there are alot of copies being made that are VERY close to the original and for purely presentation why not. So whats bad about it. Well for one its never seen on screen in a fashion you would know who wore it….so its not one of the 6 main speaking judges.

Hmmm…..or is that really the case? Looking at IMDB Warwick Grier comes up and could well have played a dual role of Judge and Caleb…a possible criminal I guess.

Yes…I know Im doing more research right now than Propstore…..is there a point to that…no not really. Im just showing I have no life BUT still put the time in to check this stuff…(laughs)

Here is a beautiful up close. Screenmatch time? Mmmm….well…maybe..no…not really.

Next up Alvarez….who of course is one of the Four Horsemen so to speak and loses his head at the end. He also is the tallest of the costumes. So whats the money difference here by basically getting a helmet added….well its $11588….OR approx a monstrous $6,500 which just seems….well…..a lot. According to the listing everything is marked Perry, for Edwin perry the actor because lets face it…no one else could fit this costume. At least with this piece every piece is named, not a stunt and probably matches….probably. (I’m actually surprised that the two pics didn’t…..very surprised so there must be another of these). (EDIT: On reflection I can see on the left pectoral armor a definite match but as with most matches I can see things that aren’t there and its MUCH dirtier)

Now…why is this also interesting. Lets start talking about the gadgets and how some Judges have more…or less. Strangely enough the Dredd so far being most expensive, but seemingly having least amount of “stuff”. Stuff is important when a grenade might sell for $250. Nuff said.

Here is Alverez’s front and back belt.

The shotgun cartridge is of course unique to this character as he is the only one with a Shotgun. Other things like the medbag, Plasticuff holder etc can be seen on different costumes.

Next up this oddity. The “Anderson” vest. So why do I say oddity? Well it is marked for stunts but seems remarkably “unstunted”….ie used. Now of course who knows where any of this stuff was used but I find it interesting that everything is so dirty and yet some of these pieces are so clean.

The Anderson not due to sell for a few days has the following stunt info inside and is more dirty. I think it was more than likely used for the jump. If its made of softer materials the 20 feet jump certainly would have hurt less.

The first one that didn’t have a badge on, well I suspect that for $2200 it may not have been used…..that is of course a guess…..but the lack of a badge or any glue, sticky or otherwise to secure the badge does speak something. Compare…surmise….and guess….like I did.

Description for above: This costume piece is adorned with particularly soft polyurethane plates (to ensure the safety of the actress when performing the stunts) on the chest and back, a brass coloured eagle emblazoned across the right shoulder guard and space for a brass badge on the left breast. The small adjustable zippered garment is labelled “Anderson Soft Skate” inside and remains in a great production worn condition.

So onto the individual “armors” with name badges basically you are getting background Judges like the ones in the picture below who are not courteous enough to show us there badges on film. Annoying isn’t it.

Griffin is below

and Niles

Where will these get to? We will see later in the week.

More in our next article Part 2 later in the week.


3 thoughts on ““Judge Dredd” mid auction review Part 1

  1. The Alvarez uniform is a match in both pictures. They have the same scuff marks and creases.

    The only thing the Dredd uniform is missing is the plati-cuffs and no holster, which none of the uniforms have.

    • I will agree with the Alvarez….but there is also subsequent dirt and damage covering up some of the obvious screen match areas…helmet wise….you would have to convince me there. Heck….I love being convinced all the time….(laughs)

      As for the the Dredd my point is the other costumes have items that could be resold and make a little of your money back. Overall the other costumes have more bits to sell.

      • The Alvarez uniform only looks dirtier in comparison because the bluish light in the elevator reflecting in the black uniform obscures the brownish shade of dirt but all the marks match. The marks on the helmet also match several shots in the film, including the one above.

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