PremiereProps VIP 3 auction fails to catch fire on January 26th 2013

Sadly…this auction even failed to wake me up from oversleeping……It was a shame since there were 9-10 things I had picked to bid on that all went very cheaply. Its as if no one knew about the auction.

Was it SO VIP that nobody new about it, or couldn’t find it!

So what items were cool I hear you ask?

For only $400 this Immortals Zeus costume was ripe for the taking. A beautiful piece of wardrobe missing only helmet,  arm braces, leg braces, shoes and helmet!

Next up from Immortals King Hypersions helmet! kt went for  $750! I think thats very reasonable considering this is probably the only one to ever come up.

Im kicking myself that I missed this GORGEOUS gown from Mirror Mirror…..only $200!

and worn in this screenshot here the very same. This must have cost Thousands to make!

mirror6The main bomb vest from “30 minutes or less finally sold after 3 or 4 auctions… $150…..yep PP finally let is go….probably losing many 100’s of dollars for not selling it when the movie came out for the $500-1000 they could have got then.

One of Quinton Aarons 3xl shirts from THE BLIND SIDE went for $50. I know!!! $50 for this Oscar winning movie…….sheesh!!!!! I was glad to see Oscar winners Sandra Bullock full costume plus jewelry went for $1,000! That was right to happen.

The next item has been on PP’s pages for years….probably about 3 in total. I had tried to buy it but they wanted nearly $4,500 for it. Fast forward to sleeping thru the auction and bamn…..$1100……

I cried inside. Awful movie…..amazing costume!

Im not sure why it was missing the leather underarmor though. Most strange.

Lots more stuff went very cheap. $50-100 was the norm….then these came up!

Yes your eyes do not deceive you….those are original Flash Gordon storyboards. Sigh…theirs a holy grail if EVER I saw them!

beautiful arent they….and quite some way into production as props and wardrobe actually look the way they should in the finished film!

Thankfully a fellow member of the forum bought them and I back off making his bid higher.

Thanks mate! I look forward to my copies when PP sends them to you in 2015. (joke)

Finally this gorgeous Bill Nighy costume from Underworld 3 sold for $1350!

So those are my pick of the auction. Proves I shouldn’t have overslept…and if you aren’t viewing these auctions you are not doing yourself a favor! There was some great stuff here!

Nuff said!





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