“DREDD” auction exclusive pictures from The Propstore



I know…I know…your were pretty much sold by that weren’t you….of course now thanks to Brandon and the Propstore crew you can oogle more images from the auction exclusively here at ThePropstop.

I have to warn you all that Im bidding on this thing too so the articles may be a bit “fan boyish” only as Im very excited about the event, and finally the “Terra Nova” auctions which have taken much of my time and dollars up are finally over.

So here is a little more info from Sian about what will be sold starting 28th January on Ebay and quanities which I know many of us were really wanting. Remember its 20 items listed a day, not on Saturday and Sunday and for two weeks. Thats 200 items total.

Here is some more information on the quantities of key items that will be in the sale, in addition to the Dredd character costumes mentioned above :

  • 2 Hero Lawmaster Motorbikes
  • 1 Fiberglass Lawmaster Body Shell
  • 6 Complete Judge costumes, including helmets and utility belts
  • 3 Additional Judge costumes, less complete
  • 2 Judge Anderson Armor sets
  • 3 Judge Armor sets (background)
  • 3 Prototype Judge Helmets
  • 1 Security Helmet & Jacket
  • 1 additional Security Helmet

Unfortunately there will be no lawgivers included in the auction.

See…isn’t that gold dust up there. I really think so…..utterly important if you want to judge, forgive the pun, you auction strategy!

They also cleared up that little VAT tax thing…basically if you live in the EC you are paying an extra 20%. Now I know why I moved to the USA!

Here are some of our exclusive pics…..please link to them rather than outright steal them folks. Ill be watching. Of course the content is copyright ThePropstore.

Hero Lawmaster bike

Hero Lawmaster bike

Rookie Judge Anderson Skate Park Stunt Armor

Rookie Judge Anderson Skate Park Stunt Armor

Judged Clan SFX Jacket

Judged Clan SFX Jacket

Smashed Guthrie Helmet

Smashed Guthrie Helmet

Security Jacket and helmet

Security Jacket and helmet

Straight off the blu ray comes the below image and they say point blank between 30-25 helmets were being made off the Blu Extras so thats also good to know!

zzz225953Im saving Judge Lex’s two pics for tomorrow so come back around noon and see that costume in all its glory!

In meantime if you have any questions then contact Sian here: sian@propstore.com


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