Visit to local theater provides some prop culture at “Hollywood Palms”

Wow…this is a pretty cool display for pop culture fans in the “Hollywood Palms” cinema in Naperville IL. The owner is pretty much a self made man who likes to walk his own path…in fact he was collecting hollywood props and wardrobe back at the same point “Planet Hollywood” was. He also has a friendship with Michael Madsen that has resulted in these beautiful pieces being shown to the Chicago area.

First up…from “The Natural”, a beautiful ball players uniform worn by Madsen as Bump Bailey.

zzz225946Next up from Kill Bill is this incredible signed sword with the inscription from Bill…..

zzz225947The secondary cabinet to the right has Madsen’s Reservoir Dogs suit!

zzz225948and behind this costume was Maden’s outfit from The Getaway.

So there you go. A great night out sprinkled with some movie props and wardrobe. What could be better. Check them out here! Its a stunning cinema!





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