Premiere Props Day 1 Review of the 8th Holiday Extravaganza auction

Well with yesterdays auction behind us time to review the events and prices. Firstly I think the event as advertised really well on TV and in the media in general. Certainly it was a pleasant surprise to see stuff on Access Hollywood live and even as far flung a tv piece from Australia! Also if you logged onto I collector 2 weeks before the giant banner ads were prevalent for the two weeks before the sale. Top marks! If you didn’t know about it you were probably not interested or asleep.

zz225942Now the quality of the items I think I said a few days ago that I thought this was one of the strongest events that PP has ever put on. Certainly the selection was wide and just about a reasonably priced item every 10 lots that was of a good quality.

So we covered a few days ago the top items. What sold and for how much….lets delve into that.

Well lot 12 the Batman 3 mask was passed…although one was sold by PP a few months back for $13k. Sadly it was kind of a trend in this auction that the really cool stuff didn’t reach what I thought were very fair reserves even though Profiles may have sold them for more.

The Killers from space eyes mounted on a head went for $1000. A cool piece, shown below.

zzz225946The Jango unfinished blaster from Episode 2 sold for $750, and the raw cast hand went for $1300.

Lot 30 Barabara Streisands beautiful Yentl jacket that came from her foundation probably wasnt in the right crowd and failed to sell. Still, an amazing piece with solid Provenance.

zz225945A beautiful Madonna fingerless glove sold for $1300!

Then for $1500 the Castaway lot of skates and necklace sold.

Most people reading my boards will know that I loved this next piece….a steal at $5900!

The Daniel Craig Bond knife sold for $1600 and can be found here.

The Die another day gun can be found here….$2400!

The Sulu trk tunic was passed. In my view it was a Phase II costume…but still a beautiful piece of Trek history and it showed amazing on camera with Premieres resident historian explaining some of the details!

The Alfred Hitchcock “Under Capricorn” shrunken head was another superb piece pulled out of thin air. Kudos to PP for this. Very rare but sold for a reasonable $1800.

zz225944Linda Blairs tongue from The Exorcist…does it get anymore iconic! $2100 to a lucky bidder. Simply an amazing piece!

zz225943Adam Sandlers CLICK remote sold for just over $1000. Then Martin Kove took the stage. Martin is best remembered from The Karate Kid, Rambo Part 2 and Steel Justice and always played the heavy until a six season run in Cagney and Lacey. A charming smile under a little bit of an icy stair Martin was awesome with his anaecdotes and tales of the props! Kudos PP….more of this. It was awesome. I will post video in the next day or so of Martin talking! Here he is below with his double samurai sword from Steel Justice which sold for a VERY reasonable $300. Its a B movie….with heart!

zz225941Wierd Al’s Twinkie….possibly the rarest of these since being taken off the market sold for $200!

A mask from Moonwalker did $1400…..not a bad price. There was more Jackson stuff but nothing truly memorable. Sadly even the 50k glove never met its reserve even with an intriguing Tito Jackson backstory.

The Munchkin baldcap deservedly sold at $2500! A very neat piece of history.  The gold goblet from Last Crusades background grails went for $850.

Christian Bales sheepskin coat costume from the first part of Terminator Salvation sold for $2300…. A nice piece I would have been happy to own. I cant help but feel it may have gone for more in Profiles though.

Same with this piece…worn by Robert Patrick from T2….$5000 seemed like a great price too me.

A few nice vintage pieces sold…a Basil Rathbone costume impressed, and then after lots of trinkets from Pirates of the Carribean a really nice item, a Snake from “Propstore” used in Kill Bill 2 solf for $500. The headset from Reign over me worn by Adam Sandler fetched $350, and then a Ben Hurr helmet suddenly energised the room at $1000.

This Underworld 3 armor has been on the block a few times before and now with a lower reserve sold for a VERY reasonable $850. These things are VERY intricate.

I picked up an Underworld weapon in two lots which I will show off later this week!

By this time clearly bidder fatigue had stepped in. People had drifted away from the auction and prices were definitely in my mind down. Something that PP needs to watch because for a buyer its good…but as a seller I feel its not so good!

There were some real deals here from past catalog Premiere Props movies….some like a jacket from 30 minutes or less going for $50 that might have sold last year for $200 or more.

And with that the next 100 lots kind of limped on thru autographs and artwork. Not the roar to the finish one hopes.

Sundays auction promises ALOT of cool things. Join us Monday for the recap!




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