Premiere Props: Christmas auction spectacular 2012 highlights

Just want to bring some attention to some of the really cool and solid items in the next auction to be held next Saturday in Los Angeles. Of course you can bid by phone or in person!

First up…even before the auction has begun at $4,000 this Batman cowl from the Fourth movie is already the star item of the auction.

It looks all kinds of authentic to me and like the last Batman cowl sold by PP I believe this will go north of $10,000. Its a beautiful piece.

Next up this gun purports to be from Attack of the Clones, the second newest “Star Wars” film and unfortunately theres just a pic of the gun to go by. Its priced right for an unpainted production piece so take a look here Jango Fett gun.

Here is another Star Wars piece attributed to Empire Strikes back. This is a casting of Mark Hamills hand used for the sequence when he cuts it chopped off!

Allready at $800 this piece should do well and it is beautifully presented by its original owner.

Well there is no way I can not say the next item is the highlight of the sale for me. Just an outstanding piece of filmic history and displayed just perfectly!

Yes I would like this for Christmas! What a stunning item. If ‘Forrest Gump” is your thing I strongly recomend you take a look at this! Prepare for some bumpy bidding though! This is gonna go high!

Trek fans you have this wonderful Andy Probert piece that has been repainted a number of times for use in the first movie, and then then the third movie and possibly on TNG. Its a beautiful model/character piece and having first been used in the motion picture as Kirk I can’t think of much better items to have from the film. Very Memorable!

I just love this piece but Im afraid that nearly 20k is too much to ask in my opinion….maybe nearer 5-8k.

The Bloodrayne costume, altough campy is nicely made and for around $500 a bargain.

If your lucky enough to win the swords they can be placed in the back for display!

Martin Kove,  best known as the older villain from the Karate kid films has put some of his own items in the auction…and its a real coup for PP. This particular prop from Rambo is outstanding!

Described as “A true iconic piece of movie memorabilia! Hero screen worn unique leather bullet necklace worn by Martin Kove as the character of Ericson in “Rambo: First Blood II” (1985). Includes two rare production photos autographed by Kove.” I think that this will go in the $500-1000 range easily!

As you can tell I’m very excited for this sale…there’s some really near stuff!

This stunning wardrobe piece is missing its front and rear armor but otherwise is a classic piece of Scifi costuming from the movie “Spaceballs” worn by John Candy. It even says #1 inside! A really special piece!

So whats after that. Well…lots of Terminator 4 items, which, although the movie was bad, the costuming and props are top notch!

We Will be covering the second day tomorrow!


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