The Probe returns to the future…2012 in fact direct from “Terra Nova”

Wow….just wow.

This thing is BIG. Much bigger than I saw in my head. I guess coming from a centimeters and meters country that feet and inches is a bit of a newer concept for me so thinking that 40x40x40 was kinda manageable I bought the probe from “Terra Nova” home from VIP auctions yesterday in the back of a very affordable rental truck from The Home Depot….only $19.99 for 75 mins would you believe.

So after talking to the lovely Shelly and the Managing Partner of VIP Mark Kaminky, I headed home and opened the crate in my garage!

Its a beautiful piece but I almost have no idea what to do with it. The bulletin board which I will cover tomorrow is a different matter and I will cover that beautiful piece of furniture tomorrow. The truth is I think the probe would make a wonderful coffee table with a piece of glass around the top…truly a great display piece or if you have the room. I don’t think setting it outside would be a good idea personally. Its made of a giant perspect ball that has been made in two halves, and wood inside that to keep it all together.

           The crate with the probe is the very back one

I suspect the crating alone was $200-300 and the cost of shipping this from Australia was substantial. Mark said this was done by Fox for the fans….and I for one salute them for saving this item from the scrap heap which is probably what happened to the stone it was set upon and several of the larger things like towers, buildings and the portal.

One thing is for sure….wether in my hands or the hands of another fan this is safe now and will continue to be enjoyed as a pivotal storypoint from the show.

Thanks to VIP and Fox.


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