ScreenUsed Autum 2012 Auction review as it happens….

Screenused auction results are here

OK!…10 minutes from the off. Wink finally has a bid starting at 12K, which along with the 19k on the Star Wars Clapperboard makes it one of the most expensive items going out the starting gate at midday Midwest time/10am in Los Angeles.

I wish there was some sound or vision. Probably time to search the ITUNES library rather than sit in dead silence and hear the occasional beep from the computer. I know this will be quicker than a Profiles or Premiere auction but right now 400 lots seems like a high hill to climb this afternoon.

12:03…..lets get going guys. And….away we go.

Very surprised to not see a complete Channing Tatum 21 jump street tux sell for $800. Ive seen t-shirts go for $200! Unsold.

First 3 lots opened and closed without a single bid. Looks like some trouble behind the scenes as the lots repeatedly opened and closed until the word sold was replaced with Closed without sellin listed. They seem to have that sorted now though

Lot 5 Adams coat from 6th Day. Unsold at $3500.

Lot 6 Rockford peaches scorecard has an early bid for $300 on it from “A Legue of there own”

Baby What Puppet from “Adams Family” goes for $1500

Not seeing an awful lot of competitive bidding so far….reminds me of some of my worst ebay days right now actually.

Lot 12 the Snake saxophone starts at $850. This is a nice piece. Sold for that amount.

Alias weapon (Lot 16) goes for $200.

Then Sydney (Jennifer Gardners) flack jacket goes for $750

A bid from the blue for Goldmember from AP3. $3,000.

Our first battle on lot 45…an old school Galactica jacket selling for $1250! Wow…long time in an auction before a bidding war, even over $400 difference.

Its Benji time. Looks like one person wants it all! But nobody wants his travel luggage or water bowl?!?!?!

Lot 69 a stake from Buffy the TV show sells for $700.

Both Captain America gun and costume fail to sell.

Wow. the Riddick knife goes for $3500…seems like a lot to me for a resin knife.

51 Dallas Scripts for $125…..that’s a deal at $2 each.

I’m troubled by the fact my number 1 item was the VW keys and amongst the highest looked at items online….and yet they sold at the opening bid of $150. Not good.

At this point I have to say things aren’t looking good for the Hobby or the economy if this auction is any indication.

Glad to see a hot tub time machine can go for $150.

Julia Childs (Meryl Streep) partial costume goes stupid at $800….

A lot of VIP auction house stuff being offered here and not selling for the high prices. $2500 for the ANG costume from Last Air bender was kind of a joke considering that his outfits on eBay were selling between $200-1500.

All four LOST lots fail to sell…including the passport. Whats worse is that the 3 bottles of medicine can’t even get $100!

Then suddenly as if people woke up the LOST BOYS stuff goes nutso….$1600 for Keifer’s bent up paperclip earing…sheesh!

Dilitihium crystal goes for $800 from the “Voyage Home”.

The Klingon mask doesn’t sell by itself.

Lot 318 Deep space nine phaser goes for $700.

Lot 320 the complete Klingon goes at the bid its been on for a week or so $3500.

The beautiful Klingon rubber disruptor sells for around $1200.

A pair of Andorian Antenna goes crazy for a few seconds at $325…

The ugliest “Enterprise” gun in the world sells for $1,000. I don’t get it…..

The “Generations” panel remains unsold. At $2500 it was just too high.

…as does the $3,000 clapperboard from nemesis. Just too much.

………………..and thats as far as I made it!

As usual after 2-3 hours the fatigue of watching these things hit me like a brick. I did however make some followup comments on the movie prop forum that I will reproduce here for you. These were prompted by the following information from Desi and Jeff at Screenused.

“Thanks to everyone that participated in the auction, and congratulations to the winners of various lots. Things seemed to run a bit smoother, so hopefully our practice auction a week earlier helped some folks out.

We sold a lower number of items in this auction, however the total sale amount was higher than the last auction. In addition, the average price per lot was quite a bit higher. The highlight of the auction was the record breaking $32,500 bid on the Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back clapperboard – which brought $38,350 after buyers premium.

Here are the overall results of the auction:

  • We had 278 registered bidders
  • Bidders from 20 different countries
  • Of the 411 lots in the auction, 189 sold, making a sales rate of 46%
  • The average price per lot was $1386 (after buyers premium)
  • Total sales was $222,000 hammer price, $261,960 after buyers premium
  • We had 99 unique bidders that purchased the 189 lots

The highest selling items (with buyers premium) were:

  • Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back – Production Used Clapperboard – $38,350.00
  • Superman III – Superman’s Bodysuit (Christopher Reeve) – $23,600.00
  • Hellboy II: The Golden Army – Wink Costume – $14,160.00
  • Troy – Achilles’ Retractable Sword (Brad Pitt) – $10,030.00
  • Crow, The – Eric Draven’s Costume (Brandon Lee) – $10,030.00
  • Shining, The – Production Used Clapperboard – $7,670.00
  • Last Samurai, The – Nathan Algren’s Sword (Tom Cruise) – $7,080.00
  • Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby – Ricky Bobby’s Racing Suit (Will Ferrell) – $7,080.00

We will keep the auction catalog, update log, and prices realized on our website in an archive area for future reference. As we have mentioned before, we are planning to have 3 to 4 auctions per year. We are tentatively planning the next auction for sometime in March 2013. When we announce the date, we’ll get the word out in a newsletter emailed to all subscribers. During the next few months, we will start accepting consignments and will announce a cut-off date for those shortly.

Thanks again for the support,
Desi and Jeff
Co-Owners of ScreenUsed

to which during a thread I replied….

“I’ll be honest. I’m looking at this purely outside the box but 99 buyers overall really scares me..and I think should scare anyone in the hobby ever looking to sell something… Especially in a certain price range.

I suspect that a majority of the unsold 54% is in that magic hard to sell price range of $1500-3000 which quite a lot of stuff falls into.

Frankly I think there will be a LOT of behind the scene deals…say offering $1000 for $1500 item and I hope that happens. There really wasn’t a dud item in the sale. I certainly loved a lot of it … Just couldn’t Afford anything which seeing only 1/3 of people signed bought anything was a common problem.

Desi and Jeff worked hard on this (some of us on the outside worked just as hard to push it) cuz frankly I want them to succeed. We need this mid tier auction house…BUT if there aren’t no buyers or the prices are wrong to begin with then the system is in trouble.

What thus troubles me is that magic 99 buyers… Propstore has 7,000 Facebook likes….are we overestimating the love for the hobby…certainly Profiles would have done better on the sales %.

Again I don’t think the boys at SU did anything wrong…I just think in this world of too many auctions, eBay, and all of these dealers that things are not like they used to be…forget 1997…I mean 3 years ago.

Just food for thought….cuz everyone has to sell something sometime.”

How do I feel about this a few days after writing it. Well yes I did let slip that a few million people had more on there mind than the auction….but truthfully I still feel it was a very good example of the hobby being in a bad place right now financially. We will see as the Christmas auctions arrive to see if I am correct.




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