The Best of Screenused.Coms auction 3rd November on (Day 8) Star Trek Bridge panel

Expensive at $2500 but who wouldnt want a panel from the bridge of the E…….especially as this one has the “E” on it! Multiple times!

I have always loved these things and with computer technology abundant I think we will see less and less of this old school work. Bottom line is this is a beautiful panel, probably in my top 3 of all that I have ever seen. Im not sure the bottom picture here is actually showing the panel but as always one tends to have to look at the movie to find these things.

There has been so many different versions of these panels sold over the years and priced between $100 and $5000 or more.

If you win it consider me jealous!

Here is one of my very favorite evers from Profiles. Sold for $8500!

From Rikers station…seen in just about every episode I suspect.

Reserve: $2500

My opinion: worth every penny but its gonna be right about there with commision. $2500.


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