The Best of Screenused.Coms auction 3rd November on (Day 6) Lot 86 Chronicles of Riddick Hero Necromonger Rifle

I’ve really come around on this film from totally hating it at the initial viewing in the theatre to having a grudging liking for it. The costumes and guns are mostly very cool but the sheer volume of stuff at first was very overwhelming. I wonder how many more of these Propstore has to sell….

This gun is described as following:

(Universal Pictures, 2004) This Necromonger rifle was custom made for the production for use by various actors and is a hero “light-up” version used for close-up shots of the working light effect. The rifle is designed with a cracking light effect built into the prop that is an incredible practical effect. The rifle also breaks down into a pistol and houses two 9volt batteries in a small compartment that power the light effect. This is a very rare working hero prop from the now cult film. The rifle is presented on a custom wood base for display. Measures 19.5″ in length.

As you can see with the lights and the beautiful stand this prop makes a case for itself.

I don’t know much about the makers. If you do chime in. Id love to know as they really are beautiful works of art.

The end cost to own this…..probably about $1200.


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