Two “Babylon 5” helmets resurface after years of being lost

Here is something I’m genuinely proud of….being able to identify these long lost helmets that many in B5 fandom had thought lost or destroyed. Sadly not the case….why? Because they had been sitting long forgotten in a prop store in Los Angeles amongst other re purposed helmets from sci-fi, many of which had been shamefully abused, and painted quite horrible colors.

There is nothing quite like taking a stock sc-ifi helmet and painting it orange and sticking three Christmas lights on it to take the cool factor out of any prop. Do that to a laser quest helmet from 1985 and you wonder quite what the prop master was thinking.

So last week I accidentally found an auction with these two helmets. One I identified almost immediately as being from “B5” and the other I spent days cross referencing pictures from movies and asking around forums.

The “B5” helmet was relatively easy even though few good pictures of them on the show are around. I did remember in the early 2000’s a full spacesuit with no helmet was sold by Warner Bros for almost $10,000 so I was able to find that picture online.

Its missing the face mask but almost all of the rest of the details is there, the interior having been removed and no labels. I doubt that sadly I will be able to screen match it. Having said that I don’t know of any others in existence.

Its really cool to find something like this and save it. It could have ended up in another prop store or eventually just thrown away. I’m very happy that I took the chance to ultimately get it in my hands and mess around with the auction and the shipping company, something I usually don’t have much interest in doing to a point.

Now the other helmet was a mystery. Master spacesuit designer Chris Gilman was the first place I checked. Nothing. Auction archives and yourprops….nothing. Then I posted on the RPF and after a day a very nice gentleman came forward and replied with this.

The Helmet is from “Crusade” the Babylon 5 sequel series. I know this because I own one.

Captain April, RPF

It transpires that he had purchased his last year under similar circumstances and is repairing his to its normal condition.

So here is mine with some screencaps.

So there you have it. A nice way to close out the week…solving a mystery.


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