The Best of Screenused.Coms auction 3rd November on (Day 4) “Predator 1 & 2” netting, disc and blade

Kevin Peter Hall as one of cinemas greatest monster creations

An outstanding piece. Why no one has bid on this three way splittable lot is confusing too me…unless you all recognise its awesomeness and won’t bid till the last minute. That I suspect!

Here is the description:

(Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, 1987) These pieces were custom made for the production for use as part of the Predator’s costume. The pieces consist of a rubber gauntlet blade with metal rod used to attach the blade to the costume, a rubber throwing disk that was attached by Velcro to the thigh of the costume and a section of body netting. This set was used as part of the costume for stunt work during filming. Note that the disc was most likely used in the second Predator movie.

For some examples of items sold in the past we look to the proparchives for a couple of examples.

This aluminium blade sold in July 2012 at Profiles in History for $2250 from P2

This disc from the first movie sold at Christies in 1996 for $3220.

The only problem I see with this piece is the huge amount of replicas out there of it…but to be honest this is screenused, comes with the netting and claw and so I think $1,000 is a great price to begin at.

I think that the ending bid will be $1500.






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