The Best of Screenused.Coms auction 3rd November on (Day 3) Neo’s coat from “Matrix trilogy”

Wow….this article if I wanted could go on a VERY long time. You see I absolutely love the original film. I remember walking out of the cinema in Chicago and just being so blitzed by the celluloid that I was jabbering about all the ins and outs of the movie, the whyfors and howz your fathers. It just crept up on us literally with little advertising, and no spoilers to the point that few people couldn’t help but love this movie if you were a card carrying geek.

When Neo flew into the camera at the end of the first film, few saw the left hook coming that eventually hit them.

Flash forward to now, and that first film has been tarnished by the sequels, and a classic point in how to take a product and reduce it down to its components but basically lose the flavor that you had originally…like a bad wine sauce!

Now being a Warner bros movie up until Backlot props joined us in 2007/2008 very little had dribbled out of their archive. This changed overnight when David Jackson managed to cut inside one of the few companies that had been holding onto their stuff, immediately bringing Babylon 5, V, The Last Starfighter, Last Samurai, Superman, and the Matrix items to the market.

Comicon 2008 picture

Screenused catalog description:

(Warner Bros. Pictures, 2003) According to an interview with Dan Bronson, the Costume Supervisor on the film, “…the coat that Keanu [Reeves, Neo] wears is made in seven different fabrics for very specific different scenes, due to the way each fabric flows and moves.” This particular coat is a flowing weave type cloth that was used in various scenes of the movie. This coat was made for the character “Neo”, and worn on screen by Chad Stahelski, the martial arts stunt coordinator and stunt double for Keanu Reeves. Inside is handwritten “CS 2”, for Chad Stehelski. The coat is in overall good screen used condition with dirt stains around the bottom and small nylon tag hooks holding up the sleeve cuffs. The coat may have been used in both The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, as they were filmed back to back.

I agree that chances are high this costume was used in both movies….although there were a huge amount of this coat made for the various sequences involved in shooting. This being a stunt coat it may have slight differences over the hero pieces. Here is an article about the making of this coat:

(WarnerBros., 2003) According to an interview on with Dan Bronson, the Costume Supervisor on the film, “…the coat that Keanu [Reeves, “Neo”] wears is made in seven different fabrics for very specific different scenes, due to the way each fabric flows and moves.” This particular coat has a special coating of rubber dots and was built to hold water for the final fight scene, so that it splashed when fighting. It is also extra long and wide on the back for scenes where they wanted Neo’s coat to flow open like a cape. In the 10 disc Ultimate Matrix Collection set, DVD #9, The Burly Man Chronicles, starting at 7 minutes 45 seconds in shows and discusses this particular coat material. Stuntman and Martial Arts Stunt Coordinator Chad Stahelski demonstrates the water retention of the coat, and they discuss “how the material looks like water droplets”. The coat is in great screen used condition, with some wear particularly on the top half where many of the dots are missing. There is also what looks like mud staining around the bottom of the coat from screen use. The top half of the coat has a mesh material with the rubber dots attached, which sits on top of another layer of material. The back, arms, and from the waist down is one layer of material with the rubber dots. The inside of the jacket is completely lined in black silk.

Of these jackets that have come up before this one sold for $30,000 at Profiles in December 2007. Heritage auction galleries sold a similar one in 2010 for less than $5,000.

Interestingly Profiles sold another Matrix piece worn by Carrie Ann Moss for $32,500 in 2012, proving that they still have muscle over there competition.

So what will happen with Screen used? I predict an unsold at $10,000. We will see…being most of there items are tiered towards the mid range market is this too expensive?


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