The Best of Screenused.Coms auction 3rd November on (Day 2) Lot 320 Klingon costume & mask

I think I can be of help here…at least with the names inside the costume…so lets have a closer inspection of these from the auction site.

First up we have a Star Trek 6 head….which has just been placed with it for completeness. The costume wasn’t one used in that from the tags or the style. The head could have been obtained from its a wrap: the trek auctions and they have sold anywhere between $500-3,000 in the past. There are closeup versions and slightly further away but they are all a little different with beards etc that are made along with wigs in a varied manner. The thing to watch with these is the thin foam…fingerprints and oil will dissolve this kind of foam away over time…and once it starts it won’t stop.

So interior tag time..lets visit these. First up Bob Minor. His information appears below.

Bob Lee Minor (born 1 January 1944; age 68) is a stuntman, stunt actor, and stunt coordinator who played Bo’rak in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Visionary” and served as Michael Dorn‘s stunt double in the episode “Soldiers of the Empire“. He received no on-screen credit for his latter appearance.

I would say this looks to be that very costume Bo’rak from the above especially when compared with the DS9 tag.

Next we have the name Patrick Barnitt on a piece of tape….tape which I have seen a number of times in Star Trek uniforms…especially boots and pieces of armor.

Patrick Barnitt (sometimes misspelled as Patrick Barritt) (born 23 May 1967; age 45) is an actor who played several background characters in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager. He also appeared as a Borg in Star Trek: First Contact and was one of the stand-ins for Patrick Stewart on Star Trek: Insurrection, in the exodus scene. He received no on-screen credit for his appearances. Best known for his performances as a Borg, Barnitt appeared in all, but two major Borg episodes of Voyager. His trousers from the episode “Stigma” were sold off on the It’s A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay and previously worn by Jason Alexander in the Voyager episode “Think Tank“. [1] His costumes from the episodes “Innocence[2] and “Unity[3] were also sold off.

This looks like the costume Barnitt wore in “VOYAGER: Prophecy” as a background Klingon.

These gauntlets definately have another name under the tape so I ask you Screenused…please lift it and see whose name is under there!

Matthew James Williamson is an actor who made three Star Trek appearances across two Star Trek series in 2001.

He had previously appeared in Woody Allen’s 1990 comedy Alice, which also had Keye Luke in its cast. In 1999, Williamson co-starred with John Fleck in a film called Swap Meet. He also guest-starred on Alias and ER and appeared in the made-for-TV Helter Skelter remake in 2004. This latter project also featured Robert Costanzo, Robert Joy, Robert Pine, and Keith Szarabajka.

I put money on this one being from “Voyager:Endgame”..just the gauntlets sadly as the costume isn’t the same.

So…whats it worth. Well it has a bid on now for $3500 and I see no reason why it shouldnt end at $5,000 for such a nice example. Klingon costumes have sold in the past few years as low as $2,000 and as high as $10,000 so anything is possible although this does have no boots.

We shall see.


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