The Best of Screenused.Coms auction 3rd November on (Day 1) Herbie the VW keys

I was asked to take some closer looks, and give any insights that I had on certain items in the Screen used auction. I thought…why not….so here we go with day 1 leading up to the auction November 3rd. I’ll also be putting down the estimate and my final thought about what I think it will sell for.

To days items are iconic……for want of a better word. Currently at Number 2 on the all time clicked on items of the auction…Herbie’s Keys!!!!

Here is the description:

(Walt Disney Pictures, 2005) This set of three of the prop Herbie keys with keychains were acquired for the production for use by various actors including Lindsay Lohan as “Maggie Peyton” during filming. The keys are attached to plastic keychains that have “VW OFP-857” handwritten on paper inserts within the key chains.

Now…why is this such a hotly contested item? Well simply put its cheap, its splittable into two lots to resell and its iconic. It doesn’t matter to the general collector that its probably Herbie’s least known movie….the fact is…..its Herbie…and to most thats all that matters.

They are also a Lyndsey Lohan item which appeals to her collectors. So basically its a slam dunk…famous actress….a prop…or three of them….famous vehicle….cheap….all around perfect items to grab the attentions of collectors, interested parties and car enthusiasts too.

Nuff said.

Estimate: $150

My Final auction valuation: $500



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