MGM closes its archives …… for good.

After doing some digging around whilst talking to Premiereprops about MGM It seems that many of its operations are in fact closing down, or have already closed.

MGM of course was also responsible for Stargate SG1 and much of that material has already been sold off by VIP and Propworx.

This is why PP recently sold off the WOPR computer from Wargames 2, and also why Hollywood Parts currently has loads of items from movies past and present of MGM, including these beautiful pieces below. I spoke to Matt and he confirmed that almost the entire archive has been given to them for disposal.

Above is the Jeepers Creepers 2  scarecrow dummy costume.

Susan Sarandon waitress costume “thelma and louise”

Agent cody banks Hip hop case prop

Reese Witherspoon Legally Blonde costume

Man in the Iron Mask John Malkovitch costume


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