Premiereprops “Fangoria” auction review October 13th 2012

508 items up for auction….but does that make a good auction?

Well todays Fangoria auction was really good. I was pretty surprised about some of the items that came out of the woodwork today. What were those items I hear you ask…well for those who didn’t bother to look today because of past disappointments here is what you missed.

Batman returns screenused miniature penguins from the background. Some nice Harry Potter artwork. A documented Freddy Krueger sweater. A full size Michael Meyers from Halloween H20 display. A beautiful bust of a victim from Invasion of the Bodysnatchers (1978). A beautiful Critter from one of the movies. An awesome Ice Pirates robot head….and the list goes on…

Ill touch on some of the high prices in the auction in this article but congratualtions to everyone. Considering it was only 3.5 weeks since the last event….this was a real good one!

At approx 4:15pm chicago time the Live auctioneers auction system seems to have failed. The auction resumed about 20 minutes later only on icollector and by phone bid. Thankfully it came back up at 4;46pm…apparently it was system wide.

I will say that clearly in my mind there wasn’t the number of people online or in the room that were there a month ago…bidding too felt kinda luckluster. If you were a bidder it kind of worked out for you. If you were a seller not so much. Here are some of the great deals that went down.

Lot 9 was the Penguins models by 4ward and possibly donated by Robert Skotak or one of his employees. A beautiful piece and a steal at $350 in my opinion.

Here is lot 19, a Hobbit pipe from Lord of the rings that sold for $700. No idea about where it was used except it was listed as background.


This Bible, lot 27 sold for $700 from the Exorcist.

This creature costume from The Village sold for $1400

This beautiful original Critters puppet sold for $2400…a good price and definitely a candidate for a Tom Spina Resurrection.

I hope we here more about this piece in the future. I think that a Movie Prop Forum member bought it as billed from Forbidden Planet…a part of the Krell lab set that was an elevator. Not sure about that but I hope we can find out more. Sold for $750

This Ice Pirates head caught my attention. I nearly bid on it but didnt. The condition for a 1983 piece was outstanding in my opinion. Only $375 dollars.

This beautiful Lucian coat from Underworld 3 sold for $500. A stunt costume piece it was still very cool.

The widely advertised scrooged skull head sold for $1500.

This original “Piranha” from the 1978 classic bad movie sold for $1650….a very cheap price for something so rare.

Female clothes seem to do very well in Premieres auctions, ill leave you to ponder why to yourself, but this Hayden Panetiere costume sold for $1700 from Scream 4, whereas Deweys Sheriff outfit sold for $400.

This beautiful HERO Scream 4 killer robe and facepiece sold for $2000. A definate deal

The longer the auction ran just as before the less bids came in. Its something I’ve noted before, and because most of the items are photographs, posters and more low level items I think this is something Premiere needs to watch….maybe put it a killer piece every 15 or so items to keep the momentum.

I really wanted this piece from Mirror Mirror that sold for a paultry $250… internet stopped working….sigh. Although it was a stunt this Nathan Lane piece was so intricate. These Mirror Mirror pieces can only be appreciated close up. Truly beautiful.

This sword from Underworld 4 was the only item that aside from a piece I shall talk about in an article soon was really exciting to me. Kate Beckinsale uses this weapon to kill the giant Werewolf at the end of UW4 so was pretty cool. A good price too for $550.

There were also a number of costumes from Seven Psychopaths that had just been released a few hours earlier which were cool…a Christopher Walken complete hero suit going for only $200.

So there you go. Generally fun to watch but I think the December auction promises alot more Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter according to Dan Levine. Should be good.


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