LOST IN A STORAGE SHED (PART 5) Wheelchairs and “Shark….what shark!!!!!”

This shark!

The only real problem being its use in the show seems to have been almost nil. Sad, because the crate for this thing from Hawaii to Midamerica must have cost thousands of dollars all in. Believe you me…it was a very beautiful crate too!

This above is CGI…and almost all of the shark was. I just couldn’t justify it so I left it to any other collector crazy enough to have this giant piece of foam rubber in their collection. You are well and truly welcome to it.

So what else did I miss from this sale. Well I left the gnomes too…I just wasn’t that into them.

I know I know…a big Cluck you.

Hurleys gnomes on the lawn of his boss

Again for the short amount of time used in two shots I couldn’t be bothered. The same sadly with Sayid’s tools from Iraq which I just couldn’t find used anywhere….

Part of the problem was only one can of coke, the others missing, a load of rusty tools and two obvious photocopy ID’s up close. Otherwise the flags and Koran were there….but I just couldn’t get excited by them. Mike kindly gave me a couple of Republican guard folders though…thanks sir!

So. What is item 5. Well sadly its not quite what I thought it was. First up Mike mistakenly told me that it was from an earlier lot. This one in fact…

but it turned out to be the following LOT 1048 the wheelchair from “The End”.

Whilst not as prestigious it was still a good deal so I did purchase it. Its hard not to like something when used in powerful scenes such as Locke being told he doesn’t need the chair anymore by Ben Linus. The chair is marked with blue tape under the seat  HERO and LOCKE WHEELCHAIR.

and the episode before it “What they died for….”

So that about rounds out the items….oh….hehe…maybe not!

This is the final item that when pulled from storage Mike almost broke into pieces to fit into his truck. It is the $7,000 fish biscuit machine that Dan and I discovered was a repaint from the 10 minute DVD special THE NEW MAN IN CHARGE, that shows the inner workings of the polar bear cage.

Again with the sheer amount of work to move it even though the shipping on it must have been a few thousand minimum I just couldn’t justify the time and effort. A beautiful piece in its own way though. Interestingly enough I just found on FLICKR that at the original place where the polar bear cage is in Hawaii the large green/red button is still in the cage for it!

The fish biscuits were left at the end of MIke’s gardens overnight as they smelt so much…and by the next day the Racoons had eaten them!

This is another good example of items pictured in the auction not arriving as the boxes marked DHARMA from the auction were nowhere to be seen.

So what was the final story. Mike told me that in fact the items had been pulled out of a storage locker but NOT purchased from an auction….they had in fact been thrown away by the previous owner who had asked him to junk them all and then paid him to take them away. Yes…I spent several minutes muttering “why….oh why?!?!?!” under my breath shortly thereafter. Mike had only known not to dispose of the stuff because of the Profiles in history tags attached to 3 or 4 of the items. He had then found the auction through them!

So here’s to Mike….thankfully these items weren’t sold on for scrap or scattered to the winds. Although we no longer have the COA’s from Profiles I think we can definitely say these are the original Profiles lots and I’m only to happy to say that they are “Lost” no more.

The End.


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