LOST IN A STORAGE SHED: (Part 4) If you aint got that swing…

Part four of our 5 part adventure….tomorrow you have to be here as we reveal the full story of how these items became saved from almost certain destruction, and also a group shot of all items that were saved, plus a few items I didn’t purchase!

Here is to days piece. A golf bag, golf bag holder, balls, tee’s and some golf shoe equipment! These items were again originally sold at the lost auction with Profiles In History as lot 141.

The interesting thing about this lot is (a) that it is screenmatched and (b) that the balls come in three types. First up the hero balls are the expensive heavy variety, the secondary are lightweight practice balls some of which are painted white and have TOP FLITE hand written on them….and finally a bag of balls that have no writing.

The golf moments in LOST are mostly from Season 1 involving Kate, Jinn, Hurley, Sawyer and Jack.

Check out some of the screen caps here

and here

I think you will agree when I say this is an awesome set. Tomorrow the final item is Locke’s chariot! Be here tomorrow evening for the reveal!


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