LOST IN A STORAGE SHED (PART 2) Dynamite (literally) props!

Well in Part 2 of this look at the last 3 days, I have the second set of items that were part of the original cache.

This is lot 205 of the original Profiles LOST auction. Unfortunately the towel was not with the items as found. What we have though are sticks of dynamite used throughout the 6 seasons, a wire spool used by Locke and the original matches.

As other lots it became apparent that some of the items photographed for the auction were not always the same items sent to the buyers. Of the dynamite half is “sweaty” and half isn’t but thats ok. The different colors of dynamite are evident during the 6 seasons of LOST so it becomes apparent that some of the items indeed were kept for the archive…a rumour that was squashed at the time but now seems much more true after the auction.

Season 1 Dynamite found in THE BLACK ROCK

Here are some great screencaps of various Dynamite used on screen.

EVERYBODY HATES HUGO Hurley attempts to destroy the food with dynamite

and from Season 2 also……

Mr Ecko attempts to blow the hatch (Season 2)

According to LOSTPEDIA dynamite is used in every season of the show. Check it out here

More tomorrow with the third item…….used in Locke’s death scene!


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