“Lost” in a storage shed…..items from TV’s last great mystery show saved from destruction (Part 1)

“I don’t believe it….why would somebody do that?”

Words exclaimed by myself upon hearing the full story of what has eventually transpired as one of the great memorabilia stories from at the very least my 23 years of collecting.

Long time readers will know of my love of the show “Lost” and further reading of this site will bring up examples of the items I won at the 2010 auction or have obtained in the meantime, but it was always those items at the auction that would become iconic in peoples minds, Locke’s wheelchair, the Virgin Marys, the wheel, the VW bus….they were all over the internet at the time, the show was fresh in peoples minds and everybody wanted a piece.

Thanks at the time to my friend OZ, a plan was developed and I managed to split with him a number of lots but in the grand scope of things the 10-12 items purchased between us was a drop in the bucket compared to the 1200 items sold. One wondered where all the items went. Still after all this time probably only another 20 are accounted for…that was before late last week when something rather amazing happened.

All this week we will be covering the lots that I obtained, one a day, and also touching on the stuff that I passed on, or someone got too first. The grand finale will be Friday when we talk about the circumstances around finally getting these items and the full story of what really went down. Stick with us…its a doozy!

So, late last week it came to my attention that a seat from Oceanic airlines had been sold on ebay, lot 38 of the auction in mid September.

Here is that auction pic. They had originally sold for $1800 not including tax or 20% buyers premium…plus of course the shipping to there new destination in the Midwest which since they were crated would probably been in the thousands.

So seeing these sold for $1500, a reasonable deal I decided to see what other items were available thinking this was maybe a one off. Listed in the Promotional and merchandise tv section I found this.

and there the all important Profiles auction tag which I instantly recognised, as well as these items mostly belonging to Mr Ecko.

…and selling for a steal over the original $1700 price tag….

                                                  Original auction picture

So…what does one do in that situation. Well ill tell you….find out what else the gentleman has.

After talking to the owner Mike online we had come to a price and thought it both fair and todays first item from the locker is lot 274 Kevin Inmans Haz mat suit from The Swan. Curious readers can read all about his significance in the show here, played by the great Clancy Brown of “Highlander” and “Starship Troopers” fame.

                                                        Auction text & Photo

Here are some screencaps

a very nice piece with the original wardrobe tag too!

More explosive info tomorrow…literally…..with item 2.


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