Premiere Props October 13th 2012 “FANGORIA” auction event

Is it a slow news time? Yes…pretty much.

I don’t have much to report on Screenused’s next auction other than it should be live later this week or next…but for now here are the latest offerings from Premiereprops scheduled for early next month. This is a FANGORIA co-hosted event and as such revolves around horror, fantasy and science fiction.

So what do we have coming up?

Well I think these two background 4WARD design miniture penguins are great from BATMAN RETURNS.

This Michael Myers figure from the Hallween H20 should be a popular item too with screenused costume.

These young Spock ears from Star Trek 3 are worth a look at too.

From Underworld 3 we have this Death dealer costume that didn’t sell last time. Perhaps this time it could be yours!

Here is the Ghost of Christmas future head from SCROOGED, the Bill Murray classic Christmas movie.

Lots of items from THE POSSESSION, and PIRANHA 3DD, nothing really for me though.

Can you possibly resist these shorts from David Hassellhoff in Piranha though! Amazing!!!!




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