BOOK REVIEW: The Proplocker book is a wow a minute goldmine of prop treasures!

“Hollywood locker”, is a dream project for the team of Juergen and Thomas that designed and worked with collectors around the world to showcase the very best items from their collections. It’s been a while coming after a couple of false starts bu the wait has most definitely been worth it!

A long time ago, when I first started collecting my main source of reference was the special effects magazine “Cinefex”. Released four times a year this advert free magazine was the premier source for information on models, creatures and prop making which was eagerly awaited by me at the booksellers.

Sadly since the advent of digital effects the magazine has moved more towards the advertising and Computer world although those first issues from 1982-2000 are still an important reference for prop collectors, and one I still use to authenticate items to this day.
So… For the first time since “Cinefex”, and Mark Cotta Vaz’s “Magic of myth” Lucasfilm archive study, a book thudded onto my desk that really reignited my love for pictures and text in a format that wasn’t online. Superbly designed, with pictures taken by the owners and text ranging from factual to personal this is a fascinating look at peoples buying and
there most cherished items.

These original “rules” that layed out the groundwork of the book have enabled everyone to create a cohesive package and stopped it being less of a product of committee but now a reference book with a pipeline that has meant individual contributions have an identical look and feel. This is important since it doesn’t feel like a home made effort but a real coffee table piece to share with your family and friends, a real challenge considering the pictures taken within were taken with less than perfect equipment at times. My Picture of the “LOST” case for instance being filmed, outside, on the driveway in overcast weather.

Part of the joy of this book is turning each page and seeing a majority of items that are not in the public domain…so I really don’t want to ruin that surprise but needless to say the end result us eye opening in the extreme and for my one two page layout of the C-4 demolition tool case from “lost”

I’m glad I could be a part of the project. It’s absolutely a fantastic book and I only wish it was longer.


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