Premiere Props Hollywood auction Saturday September 15th auction cool items

I thought I would have another look see thru some of the cool items in this auction again comng up this Saturday and Sunday.
First up here is one of the original lifejackets from “Titanic” and right now only at $100 on icollectors and  estimated between $300-400 dollars.

From the new movie MAN OF STEEL out next year here are Lois Lanes items from her apartment including pens, pencils, rent a car information and a ring!

Here is one of Hugh Lauries canes from “House”. This is a particularily good item simply because it comes from the productions producer directly.

This broom from the movie Harry Potter is a great piece. Already over $2,000, although the estimate is 3k-5k you might be with a look in. Just give it a chance.

Here is a great piece with a letter from Lucasfilm…an orignal C3PO poster from the 90’s signed by George Lucas himself. Right now reasonably priced at $100, the estimate is….$100. A rather nice item to be framed for the wall.

I own quite a few pieces from Hot Tub Time Machine so I was surprised to see this sign already at $250. If you want a sign…here it is….just shows there really is something for anyone!

Another crazy cool item from the orignal maker, this costume was worn in the “Eternal Sunshine” movie by Kate Winslet. A beautiful piece!

“Resident evil” lovers have a lot to be excited about with this dress as seen in the film! Right now nobody has bid the opening price of $1,000 but I have seen this go for a lot more so may be worth putting a bid in!

A beautiful piece of pre-production artwork here from “Underworld 3″…and only at $150. I think this is pretty stunning and would look incredible framed.

I’m not even sure what this mask is used for in the film, but I think its pretty cool. Starting off at $50 do some research and maybe you could score a cool piece!

I love this Mirror Mirror piece. Whereas the top is stunt, the bottom is hero…but this is the only one…where else would you get such a beautiful piece, plus you would be the bell of the ball at the local Halloween ball!

There are still last minute items like this Lemony Snickett costume being added so get over to Hollywood Live auctioneers and check it out.

More items later in the week!




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