James Bond Christies 50 years auction blows my mind…and yours will be too!

Jason over at the originalpropblog just broke this story so all credit to him.


“live and Let die” script and cards

This is just one of the most amazing collection of stuff I have seen for a long time. Until now the “Lost” auction was really one of the more killer collections to see, but with just 50 items from its diverse history Christies and Eon made my mouth hit the floor over and over again. To see items that I thought would never leave there collection come into the public realm is totally amazing…more so having seen these pieces time and time again come up in public displays seemingly out of reach!

“Spy who loved me” underwater backpack

What is so amazing is the quality and breadth of the items. Sadly…and here is the kicker….because the auction is for charity and Christies is handling it in the current uplift of movie collectibles in the market….I see nobody who reads these pages being able to afford the items.

Daniel Craig swimwear from “Casino Royale”

The reserves and estimates are so low, that sadly to think they will sell for these prices is a bit of an insult to the community. I would buy the whole collection for the prices they claim these will sell at…and they won’t. Some of this stuff will go x50 the asking price.

“Moonraker” shuttle

Just you watch!

“A view to a kill” Q’s watchdog



2 thoughts on “James Bond Christies 50 years auction blows my mind…and yours will be too!

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