Well I found this completely by accident yesterday. Seems the movie starring Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep movie left most of the shooting items behind in Norwalk, CT. The seller, New England Estate sales.

My favorite item. This bar sign which I guess must be used somewhere in the film as its custom made and quite cool

Im sure all this background stuff will be easily seen in the film.

Here is the ad on their site:

The film was JUST released last weekend and is already a hit, the movie was filmed in Norwalk around this time last year, we are holding the sale in the exact location where a majority of the principal photography was shot. we have THOUSANDS of items to sell. everything from gigantic custom built sets, MANY antiques, designer furniture (incl Mitchell/Bob Gold marble/chrome cocktail table, and 19thC French cabinet (production company paid $4,800), DOZENS of pieces of furniture, DOZENS of lamps, chandeliers, rugs, table top items, LOADS of nautical themed items,1000’s of household props and items, THOUSANDS of dollars in custom draperies, 100’s of books, decorative accessories,paintings, prints, clothing, hats, shoes, electronics, appliances, (other than antiques) most items are brand new, there are MANY custom made and one of a kind items here and trust us these actors are sure to be some of favorites.

these items were bought from high end places like Lillian August, Klaffs, ALL the Antique Centers in Stamford, ABC Home, Pottery Barn, Uttermost, Etc

attn: builders, contractors, home improvement people, homeowners, we have LOADS of building supplies, mantels, cornices, ALL TYPES of wood and trim (new and used) doors, a/c units, tools, air compressors, sinks, 100’s of items ALL must be sold, we even have six CUSTOM MADE louvered french doors that the production company paid $7,000 to have made,we also have two BRAND NEW LG “terminal” air conditioners that were installed in a motel set and never even plugged in (they were just props) as far as wood, trim, and molding pieces the more you buy the better deal we will give you.

Most of the items seem to have blue stickers on like the Man of Steel auction I visited months back, and some items even have detailed notes on like this toilet.

If your in the area I would recommend checking it out.


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