Recession…..what recession! Profiles in History blows away competition with huge money for the Dreier collection

The facts speak for themselves. Time and time again Profiles gets more money per item for there auctions and with the average Episode 1-3 lightsaber going today for $37,500, stormtrooper gun for $37,500, Batman outfit for $25,000, Superman and Jor-El for $60 approx, Cylon for $37,500, Colonial Warrior from “Galactica” for $14,000, Ferris Buellers jacket for $30,000, Tom Hanks from “Private Ryan” for 30k, & Willy Wonka costume for $60k the unstoppable juggernaut continues.

Biggest surprise…the unused Chewbacca going for more than last time at $140,000 and Ron Burgandy for $22,500.

All these prices DO NOT include shipping or Profiles %.

Congratulations to Profiles yet again cementing there place as the number 1 place to sell Hollywood film and tv memorabilia in the world.


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