PremiereProps hosts one day movie prop and wardrobe online auction this Saturday….along with

Big auction day next weekend with props from Back to the future, Batman, James Bond, Titanic, Immortals, Mirror Mirror, Star Wars and so much more hitting the auction block.

Evil Queen Mirror Mirror Dress

Up first starting at 10am Pacific PremiereProps will be selling about 400 items ranging from the cool to the not as interesting. Bottom line should be a fun time and they do have the cool factor of several props from “Immortals” my second favourite film of last year.

Kate Bosworth STRAW DOGS dress

Screenused’s auction also starts at 10 Pacific or 12 midday in the midwest.

Not a lot of early bidding but some exciting pieces none the less. So far the Rocketeer helmet is at $8,000, The original Delorean parts at $5,000 and a Phantasm sphere at $3500. A full review of the day will of course be published day after the event.


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