Maroon from “Trek” still harbours some old secrets

Well a costume used multiple times over 20 years should!

Here is some new info come to light just posted over on the “Trek” forum

Hi all.

Occasionally I get offered silly money for stuff…if you have it on yourprops thats going to happen eventually to anyone. Im down to one maroon and since they haven’t come up recently I had an offer from a nice overseas gentleman. I was just taking bits off the mannequin to really decide what I wanted to do when it struck me that I still hadnt managed to work out two of the label names. One is on a Star Trek VII tag and its black on white and just competely faded….never going to happen.

Its absolutely roasting here right now and I had the idea to take the white shirt tag I had try see with the light on it again if I could see anything….after all with time the fading only continues to get worse. Just so happens that to my chagrin…nothing. Same as when I looked at it two years ago a garbled black/blue mess….and then…a thought. Put it up to the light and let it shine thru the window right on the glass…..and I got a pleasant surprise!
Not so easy to see photographically but in blue pen it does say ROBIN….and thats under the black whatever went over the top. Thats 5 of the 6 accounted for, unless they used even more for her….which seems incredible to have that many. You can actually also see the last S in Curtis underneath. Just noticed that whilst making sure the pic was big enough.

Saavik shirt in archive

and another

and another marked ROBIN CURTIS 6 (nice shot of tag)

and this one marked 5

and this one marked 2


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