Premiereprops Hollywood Auction Extravaganza June 23rd & 24th 2012

As you may know I didn’t sit in on this auction. I was just too burned out by the previous ones and a little short on money so I decided that although I may bid on 1 or 2 pieces I would sit out the grueling show and tell that it has become.

Sadly the once must watch event has degraded over time with the inclusion of so much filler from outside the company. Many of the pieces seem to have come from Western costume company special sales where items are sold off for $10 for a pair of trousers….and these items are being entered into these PP weekend auctions. The only problem with that is most of the stuff isn’t worth the time auctioning, and that is proven by the huge amount of unsold lots from both days….Saturday being mostly effected by this.

What does this do? Well it breaks up the auction rhythm….and the poor auctioneer must have had a terrible time of keeping it going during the day. I think some of these items have a place at auction but the hobby needs a reliable mid tier auction house and will quickly take this position if Premiere props doesn’t hurry up and change things in their corner.

Simply put…the auctions are too long, have too much poor quality items, and need more flagpole lots….and 100% more items from their own coffers. Only 5 “Three Muskeeters” items were entered on day two….and on the wardrobe side of “Immortals” and “Mirror Mirror” very little. We know they have more…its on the web site….SO….put it in auction!

So what are the highlights from day 1:

First up this non descript cup from “Indy 3” sold for a staggering $1250. Whilst it had a COA no other photographic evidence was shown (ie screencap).

Next up a hero wand from “Harry Potter” with a coa from Starworld collectibles signed by Harry and Draco Malfoy.

A heavy steel batarang without COA sold for $700

A rather beautiful Batman 4 Ice cowl worn by Clooney sold for $13,000. A good price for a quality piece!

I believe that the Elizabeth Taylor dressing room on wheels was originally offered at Profiles in History, but here it finally sold for $42,000.

A number of Michael Jackson hats went between $4,000 and $2500. There has just been so many hit the market these last few years Im not the person to ask about these…although one with several COA’s did impress.

A Frank Sinatra hat hit $3200 and a very nice trench coat from “The first deadly sin” $4500

Day 2: Coming soon



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