auction catalogue now on line

In a move that seems to have eclipsed the Dreier auction that many collectors are saying is “just a rehash of the same” Screenused has listed there catalog in PDF form and viewable in browser.

So the verdict? Beautifully put together, some amazing work on descriptions and cool photos. The bad? Well…kind of in the Dreier its kind of a case of seen a lot of it before. Knowing the stock of Screenused pretty well I see any awful lot of the older items mixed among the new.

Now of course I’m sure the next auction will not have this issue as they allow consignments in from outside but for now I was a little underwhelmed content wise, but still more excited than the Profiles catalog. There is a buyers premium of 18% but that is the cheapest out there for now…hopefully it remains that way.

Long time readers will know that I would have been excited with the priest movie stuff. Sadly not so excited by the prices. Oh well. If it doesn’t sell maybe next time.

All in all…two thumbs way up!


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