“Screenused.com” Surprises with auction on July 21st 2012

Update: Thanks to Desi and Jeff for this information. We of course at the propstop wish them nothing but the VERY best of luck with this project and will be following it closely.

My thoughts? If Profiles hadn’t stopped taking the $2-5,000 props from collectors that recently several collectors have been denied entering their items into auction…this would not have given Screenused the ability to move into this part of the market. I for one welcome them with open arms.

ScreenUsed Live On-Line Movie and Television Memorabilia Auction Slated for July 21, 2012

San Jose, California – June 22, 2012 – ScreenUsed, co-owned by Desi DosSantos and Jeff Castillo, have announced today their company will hold it’s first on-line auction through iCollector.com.

The two business partners founded ScreenUsed in 2003. What began as a hobby for them in the 1990s has grown into one of the leading companies providing original Film & Television production memorabilia to collectors worldwide. Their mission from the start has been to keep ScreenUsed as a small, customer friendly service that is built on reputation. They are serious about authentication when acquiring pieces for the website and this auction, as they know their future depends on it. Each production piece in this auction will include a descriptive, signed ScreenUsed COA.

Desi DosSantos has stated “We feel there is demand in the market for a mid-tier auction offering – not the million dollars per item level, nor the warehouse blowout level. We feel confident this is a nice compilation of items that will hopefully have something for everyone and at varying price levels. Furthermore, we want to bring the ScreenUsed brand of customer service that is unparalleled from the retail side and apply it to auctions. We feel that our business is about relationships and we believe treating people well is good business.”

“ScreenUsed maintains an in-house, museum-quality, Plexiglas display case manufacturing facility that is well known for its high level of craftsmanship and display methodology. We offer this custom service to our auction customers in order to help preserve, protect, and display your new treasured piece.”, said Jeff Castillo who handcrafts each display.

There are no reserves on the auction lots; the starting price is where the auction starts. Here are some highlights from the auction:

– Arnold Schwarzenegger “T-800” stage 1 leather jacket from Terminator 2: Judgment Day
– Original production-used Mattel Hoverboard from Back to the Future II & III
– Complete Will Farrell hero “Buddy” elf costume from Elf
– Rocketeer Helmet from The Rocketeer
– Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi “Blue Harvest” clapperboard
– Thomas F. Wilson screen-worn “Biff Tannen” jacket from Back to the Future II
– Original DeLorean Time Machine parts from Back to the Future III
– Mike Myers hero “Austin Powers” costume from Austin Powers in Goldmember
– Screen-used Deadly Flying Sphere from Phantasm II
– Jewel Staite “Kaylee” costume from Serenity
– Original surface section of the Death Star from Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope
– Tom Selleck “Thomas Magnum” Hawaiian shirt from Magnum P.I.
– Prop miniature HMS Titanic propeller from Titanic
– Jason Voorhees stunt machete from Freddy vs. Jason
– Pair of screen-used police IDs from The Terminator
– Christopher Lloyd “Uncle Fester” long coat from Addams Family
– Original section of the Hollywood Sign

There is much, much more.

Although we don’t know much more than this the splash add on there site teases a Terminator jacket, Rocketeer helmet, Blue Harvest clapperboard and 350 other items.

No idea as yet as to what else or if this is online only etc. I guess news will be forthcoming in the next few days.



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