World Exclusive: Ebay auction for charity nets some incredible prop items!

We wish you guys the VERY best of luck with this. Thanks for the update.


PAUL’S BRAIN TRUST is a group of friends close to Paul Prischman and his family, who have come together to coordinate auctions, movie screenings and other spectacular fundraising events, with all the proceeds going to support Paul’s family. Our dear friend Paul lost his two-year battle with brain cancer on December 20, 2009.

The one-of-a-kind items in this auction were donated by Paul’s friends and colleagues in the film and home entertainment industry in the hope that the funds they generate could provide some financial support for Paul’s wife and daughters. 

There’s something for everyone!  From one of a kind cinema history items like screenwriter Hampton Fancher’s original first draft of BLADE RUNNER, and prop replicas and original production artwork signed by Ridley Scott, and Guillermo del Toro, to signed DVD’s, books, posters and soundtracks. We appreciate your support.

A message from Paul’s wife Cristin..

As some of you may remember my husband Paul Prischman was diagnosed with a rare and deadly brain tumor back in 2008.  Our dear friends came together and created a group called PAUL’S BRAIN TRUST, and threw a benefit screening of Ridley Scott’s science fiction classic BLADE RUNNER. The screening was held on the back lot of Warner Brothers Studios, and attended by Ridley Scott and other cast members from the film.   It was a huge success, more than Paul and I could have ever possibly imagined.   We were so very grateful for everyone’s support, hope and generosity.   Unfortunately, Paul passed away in December 20th 2009 leaving myself and our two beautiful girls. Our friends in the entertainment industry have generously donated items from their personal collections to auction off in the memory of my husband and support of his children’s future. 

I would like to personally thank everyone for your love and support.
Cristin Prischman

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