What I saw on Ebay! “Ghostbusters” 1 & 2 trap on ebay….and gone just as quickly!

This was up on ebay on may 17th 2012 and disappeared just as quickly a day later with a $2500 bid on it. Word on the street it was sold off ebay to one of the original production crew. I find that unlikely as Im sure they don’t scour ebay looking for deals. With a healthy amount of fans of the series and the toys alone selling for $250 this was always going to be something that I suspected wouldn’t last the seven days on ebay. Sadly we will never know what one of these would sell for in the real world. My speculation….$15-20k at Profiles.


Org Ghost Trap From both ” GHOST BUSTERS 1 & 2  !!!!

The Trap was used in both film’s as an ” INSERT HERO Trap !!! “

This is the Traveler Trap  that ran on a fishing line track stretched a cross the set !!

See photo # 4  the “V” shaped plate is it’s Guide to ensure ,traveling in a streight line !!!

So it was built as a soild unit to add weight for smooth running !!!

For GBs # 2 the nob on the none hero side was changed for a updated look and the orange paint ,

which appears red on screen was removed  !!!!!

It is in Org Unrestored condition !!!!!!!!!! It sat in a in my garage for the past 20+ years !!

so it has not been opened and the Battarries do need to be changed for the light and display to work !!

more photos and info apone request !!!!!

Free shipping & Handling


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