“The Three Musketeers” Porthos costume

Those that remember last months “Premiereprops” auction will know that I won the Porthos hero costume worn by Ray Stevenson.

Now long time readers will know I loved this film for all its warts, and I was so pleased to get this to make my dream of having one of each of the main character costumes from the film.

I bought it for a very reasonable price but I didn’t want to wait the standard 10 week delivery time from Premiereprops that I have complained about recently so my friend Shannon and the wonderful Paul Wintner from LA conspired to help me get the costume a little quicker. Thanks guys. I really appreciate it.

So…it arrived today and some things became very clear right away. One it was nicer than I expected. Two some things were missing. Three the costume had the wrong pants. Well…actually kinda not.

Truth is early on in the film to represent 2-3 years before the main story begins there is a prologue with the stealing of the airship plans from DaVincis tomb. It is here this style of pants is used, with the standard shirt and the later version of the vest as seen in the picture from the sequence below.

The other Musketeers also wear different costumes, although their versions are not used later, unlike Porthos, who gains a different pair of pants, a jacket that goes under the vest etc.

This is the correct pair of trousers but Im not prepared to buy them with the costume for $3500. Im sure a pair will come up eventually. Otherwise this costume is identical to mine.

So what else. Well the jackets both say PORTHOS inside them. This is good. The sword belt was included which is all leather. Speaking of nicely made, which the belt is, the costume quality continues to excel with this movie. The buttons beautiful and all here, the leather smells wonderful and the layers of detailing on the costume quite breathtaking. As I said earlier the colors are very differnt to the original photo here used at the auction.

As usual the PP COA was included. So was anything missing. Well yes but its ok. I had done a double take after the auction when I noticed the trim was missing from the jacket making it look different to me than the film used one. When I looked inside the sewn in thread was all visible. This may have been done for the early scene jacket that I don’t think has threading, which is why it was with the different trousers. Pure speculation…but best I can go on at this point.

So there you have it. Thanks to PP for selling it and to the guys for getting it to me. I really like this piece. Hope you do too.


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