Movie Spoilers: What would you do if you knew huge secrets about “Dark Knight Rises”, “Prometheus” & Skyfall

Here is a question….Well….What would you do?

Just an open ended discussion topic here that I thought I would pose.

Recently I have been privy too a lot of really cool information about upcoming films, and of course much of this stuff comes in the form of scripts, running orders and storyboards which are part of the collective topic of stuff that we collect.

The question is since I run a site where people come to actively look at props and wardrobe, but the numbers go exponentially higher …. sometimes from 500 views a day to 5-6,000 when a “spoiler” piece runs would you post important stuff like “Darth Vader is Luke’s father” or would you respect the film makers and keep that stuff secret.

Now of course I make no money off the site so it this is not financially motivating me…its just having that scoop first.

People ask me all the time…”does being a know it all about the film ruin it for you”…..and too be honest I think it might have….or is that just part of getting old and NOT believing in Santa anymore.

In the case of “Wolverine” being released early onto peoples hard drives did that really impact the movie profits….or was it just the movie sucked.

Hard questions.


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