Captain Archer costume from “Star Trek: Enterprise” investigation

As many of us know from the “Its a wrap” sales quite a few costumes went through the auction with unknown quantities inside.

We are now so far from the auction I think we can talk very candidly about it….and in fact aside from some close friends this is probably the first time I’ve really talked about my strategies and why I bought what I did at the time.

Well first of all I had alot of experience with tv shows from the UK having purchased and been involved with the selling of the “Red Dwarf” stock from Seasons 1 and 2 at Bonhams of London in the early 1990s’ and the “Doctor Who/Blakes 7/Starcops” stuff in the same period, also at Bonhams of London.

Unfortunately this didn’t serve me well as one of the things that became apparent is that I was wrong in my assessment that Paramount made extras of everything and didn’t reuse costumes…something the BBC could not afford, BUT which I assumed the big studios could. How wrong I was!

Although not obvious at Christies in 2006 the auctions gave a very clear view into Paramounts mindset. Something that came up pretty quickly was that older costumes would be reused where possible….especially in the murky “stunt”/”double” area of things and I discovered this fairly early on in the first 10 weeks of the IAW auction, so….what did I do. I started to buy lots of stunt costumes in the hopes that inside they might be labelled as main cast. Now did this work out all the time. Of course not. Paramount it seems was very happy to remove labels and make the task alot harder but I would say 35% of the time this resulted in a much better buy than to be expected. Good odds at any casino in the land…even better as a buyer in the costume department.

This is simply how I ended up with some cool pieces. Some I still have…some have been sold on. In this case with the “Archer” costume this is a good case study in how to buy something and have information you can use to make determinations about if you have something more than you thought originally. Let us begin our examination.

So Several years ago with no “ENTERPRISE” uniform in my collection I saw a for sale sign on Mr Alec Peters forum from Corey advertising the following piece:

EBAY#: 140206065935 START: 2008-02-10 17:28:00 (week 61)
END: 2008-02-17 17:28:00
A costume featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Twilight”; wherein the anomalies in the expanse have affected “Captain Archer’s” (Scott Bakula) brain in such a way that he cannot form long-term memories and he wakes up one day to realize twelve years has passed and Earth has been destroyed. This costume is a 22nd century, Earth Starfleet uniform consisting of a full-length, long-sleeved, blue jumpsuit with seven functional, zipped pockets, Command Gold division strip, zip/Velcro cuff adjustment for the wrists and ankles, an “Enterprise NX-01” patch on the left shoulder, a long-sleeved, black undershirt, and is lightly distressed in the form of general wear and threading meant to denote extended use beyond what was originally intended. A sewn in Enterprise tag denotes this costume as ‘Stunt Mayweather’; it also features various actors in various episodes and a costumer’s tag reads ‘Dominic Calendra, distressed, 055’.All of which was very useful at the time to make a purchase based on that information it was a great price. What I didn’t know at the time of delivery was there was more information present. So when I received it I made notes on the names inside and started to do some digging. Here are the tags:Now this is from the black button up undershirt. You will see the top is Kiante Elam, stunt double for Travis Mayweather, Dan McCann is next who I would discover was the stuntman for Archer (Scott Bakula) in “Extinction”.

The above is from production paperwork and Memory Alpha. The number next to the name is the episode number ie. #55 or Season 3 episode 3. You #55 number is the number of episodes made to date counting from 1…an important piece of information.

Unfortunately the second tag in the blue jumpsuit, the top name is unreadable…the second matches up to Dominic Calendra. The gentleman below who has a website that answered another important question.

Yep. Dominic was Captain Archers hand and body double on the show, being off the same build. This was in the episode “Twilight” Episode 60.

The tag below the others states the size of the uniform and the number of the uniform. In both cases the number matches, meaning this was a matched pair.

Anything else. Well yes. Remember my theory about this being a stunt Mayweather. I found it almost impossible to believe that they would have used a fresh brand new costume as a stunt so early in its life. These costumes were very expensive to make…….what led me to that. This…..

….an innocuous SB written inside the back of the shirt under the label. I had innocently asked the Star Trek forum in 2009 if they had an Archer between the group and not recieved a reply….so flash forward to last week when I was able to confirm with another collector the presence of SB (Scott Bakula) in their shirt. I was elated as this proved a theory that I had had that the costume had been re tagged for Season 2 of “Enterprise”. Since the costume was sized and represented as being costume #55 it meant that it had been a fairly early part of the production run of suits and thus being kept together all that time meant that I had an established history of some type of the piece.

So I was able to put all this information to another collector John last week and although he passed on the piece because of the damage I thank him because the costume has been in  the closet for 2 years waiting for me to pull all this information together.

So…where do we stand. I’ve currently proved that it was a stunt Mayweather. I’ve proved it was a body double Archer. I’ve proved that it was a stunt Archer….and….I’ve made a very good case for it being a Scott Bakula from Season 1.

Case closed….for the time being!



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