Olivia Newton John to sell her “Grease” pants for charity

From here:

Olivia Newton-John to sell Grease outfit for charity

Olivia Newton-John (Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images)

Olivia Newton-John is planning to sell off the famous skin-tight pants she wore in Grease to raise money for a cancer center in her hometown.

The singer/actress had to be sewn into the black trousers for the 1978 film’s finale and she took them home with her after the shoot wrapped.
Newton-John has kept them locked away for more than 30 years, only bringing them out to show Oprah Winfrey during an appearance on her talk show in 2011.

However, she is now hoping to offer them up for an auction to benefit a new wellness facility for cancer suffers at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne, Australia.

She tells Fox411, “They’re in a closet. Oprah had them on the show because she asked me to bring them, that’s the only time they’ve been out. One day I’m going to sell them for my cancer and wellness center, I’m going to auction them off… They were made in the ’50s and we made the movie in the late ’70s so they were already 25 years old when I wore them.”


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