PremiereProps has there say….A phone call from LA

Hey guys. Never let it be said that my corner of the Internet is one sided. Today I received a very nice phone call from Dawn over at PremiereProps.Very kindly she wanted to put her and Premiere side of the auctions to you, our faithful readers and me.First up she said due to the way the auctions are set up there are phone bids and silent bids being executed from the floor…even with the “internet” only auction two weeks ago and that mistakes do happen. This is something they are working on with live auctioneers to stop the software from making errors.I told Dawn of some of my concerns and she did admit that it could appear to be something for want of a better word shady could be going on, but she said this wasn’t the case. I took her to her word and wanted to let everyone know that this happened today.

Why? Well when a company reaches out to one of it’s customers that’s important. I certainly don’t spend the most with them…perhaps I am non the less one of the most vocal. I pointed out that I can be as scathing but I can also be very positive. It is important to note though that yes customers are the lifeblood of a company…and when a company reaches out that’s very encouraging and very welcome.

The balance is of course transparency. So are my fears allayed?

Well mostly. I still think that premiers shipping times for the auctions are way to long.. And they should concentrate on selling there own items that are typically beyond reproach..although we all know that “hero” and “stunt” can be mixed up or wrongly applied. I think that when they are switched on they are doing a tremendous job…but of course there are some issues still. The thing is Dawn said they are totally willing to listen to feedback and do make attempts to evolve. I for one applaud this… So let’s hope they do.
Some of my favorite things in my collection have come from PP and so I am very grateful. As I said in the previous article the Ebay side of things is working very well. The auction side…well lets see how the next one in a few months goes. I’m certainly willing as always to be open minded.
On the positive side a few tidbits. Dawn said they are working hard on getting the “Resident Evil 5” pieces from the studios you all want.
Underworld 3 is in a similar position. They have heard your cries and are letting the studio know.
“Lol” the movie stuff is on eBay now but there is plenty more musketeers, mirror mirror and immortals to come…and some nice stuff in the next auction coming up!
Thanks to Dawn for the call and to Crystal too who has always been wonderful in my inquires.

One thought on “PremiereProps has there say….A phone call from LA

  1. Auctioneers keep records. How about a detailed explanation for the examples of bidding you recorded with video and put on YouTube and referenced in your past articles?

    Maybe something is lost in translation from your phone conversation, but I didn’t read anything that explained the bidding anomalies.

    Did she offer any explanation for the repeated listings of the same material from the recent Julia Roberts film?

    Any explanation about minimum bids, estimates, and reserves, and their relationship to one another and how the sale is executed by the auctioneer with regards to those variables?


    Jason DeBord
    Original Prop Blog

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