“Doctor Who” fan recieves amazing gift from Philip Segal….1996 TV movie producer

Paul Salamoff (the current owner of the TVM console) hit it off with Philip Segal who produced the Doctor Who TVM in ’96. Phil after seeing the console nicely restored and cared for decided to invite Paul over recently to bequeath some other TVM items for safe keeping as he was about to move house. Paul received a signed script book, a chess set, an original post/staff form the Eye of harmony set- the same one used by McGann and Roberts during the final battle! and most importantly – the Doctor’s Toolkit Bag! As a bonus a number of the tool props were STILL inside including the original TVM SONIC SCREWDRIVER! How cool is that! Paul is over the moon to have these.

There are talks now of bringing the Console back to Gallifrey One in 2013 (With a moving rotor this time) and if it happens, these will certainly be on display as well.


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