Our 500th post! Dum Dum Dugan costume review

Well here we are. How exciting. 500 posts. That really is pretty good. I want to thank the 500-600 readers we have every day for coming to my little corner of the internet. It really is a great thrill to know that you guys are enjoying what I’m serving up on a daily basis. Please continue to let your friends know about us and if you haven’t signed up for facebook yet…why not? Click on the box on the right hand side of the screen and get too it!

So thanks to Fong over at Profiles I received this Friday, but Fed Ex decided not to ring the door bell so I did not hear them. After driving 15 miles out of my way I picked up the stuff around 7pm. It was very much worth it.

Firstly…Dum dum is an iconic character…and I feel very lucky to have won him. Im really not a huge fan of the Captain America comic but I certainly very much enjoyed the movie. This costume was won by me solely based on two factors….it was very nicely designed and Neil Mcdonough is just a REALLY cool guy. I was so happy he got this role and I hope he gets to play it again in the near future. Fabulous actor.

So here is the costume in the film.

As you may be aware the hat wasn’t with the costume, and the wardrobe tag from Marvel notes this. Most of the pieces have an interior barcoded wardrobe tag from Marvel too.  Here is an example of that……

The costume is made up of boots, from an army and navy surplus store marked DUM DUM DUGAN, socks, a pair of trousers from a UK army and navy store that specializes in reenact-or uniforms for army and navy. Apparently all of the uniforms were not vintage but made by this company.

Next up the iconic sweater that as far as I can tell was specially made with the howling commandos logo on the sleeve. The very intricate tactical vest fits over the top of that.



The vest is covered in resin filled shotgun shells, two resin grenades on one side, and another type on the left. The back of the vest has the shotgun holder, of which this is probably the first photo out there to show the detail of that.

The inside of the vest has a small pocket added after the piece was made. Its pretty crude but I think its for a radio mike or other electrical device to be mounted.

So there you have it. Perhaps one day the hat will be reunited with it. Until then Im very happy to own this beautiful wardrobe piece.

                         At Profiles in History before the auction


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