Storing your props? How about a salt mine in Kansas?

Whilst Kansas is usually famous for Superman….until now I wouldn’t have uttered props and wardrobe in the same sentence….until now!

Before or after the rides in Hutchinson’s Kansas Underground Salt Museum, visitors are free to tour the museum galleries on their own. The galleries feature exhibits devoted to mining, along with several videos. Many visitors spend most of their time in the exhibits devoted to Underground Vaults & Storage. Because of the security, low cost and constant climate (68 degrees and 45% relative humidity) UVS provides secure storage for many companies.

Those companies include all but one of the major motion picture studios and the caves store props and original film negatives for movies as diverse as “The Wizard of Oz,” “Gone With The Wind,” “Ben Hur,” and “Star Wars.” A small selection of the movie props is on display.

Because a big part of what they are selling is the high security, Underground Vaults & Storage was originally opposed to the new museum, but that has obviously changed. 


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